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RS Projekt is fully aware of its responsibility as a solid partner in business. We promote ethical attitudes and care for being ethical business partner. The company's most significant values are reliability, promptitude and honesty.

RS Projekt was founded in 2014 in order to meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers by delivering the highest standards of responsibility, competences and quality.

From the very beginning of its business activity, the company sets itself challenge with regards to ensure the highest level of service as the objective is to create and maintain long-standing business relationships through our professionalism, knowledge and wide range of experience.

Providing projects within specified timeframe and assumed budgets, professional advisory services and international experience have allowed RS Projekt to further development in several business sectores.

About RS

RS Projekt provides solutions that are the most effective, optimized and tailored to suit needs and requirements of customers. Our philosophy is based on delivering solutions for customers, according to their  visions, expectations, and budgets.

In order to meet our customers expectations, we established a team of qualified professionals with high level of relevant expertise and knowledge, recognised as experts in designing of engineering structures, who will lead efficiently every kind of project

We specialise in designing engineering structures whilst applying the highest standards of responsibility, competences and quality as the objective is to create and maintain long-standing business relationships based on mutual trust and support. 

Why RS Projekt

Who we are

What we do

kg of prestressing steel used

meters of bridges already designed


of concrete used

4 095

48 360

1 069 818

kg of construction steel used

kg of reinforcing steel used

346 300

7 254 000

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59/133 Joseph Ryszki Street
41-500 CHORZÓW
TIN: 627-262-48-29

mob.: +48 695 886 006           


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