We design for visionary people looking

for extraordinary effects

We can assure that our professional advisory services and high level of experience in designing bridge structures of large spans as well as designing very complicated engineering structures allow us to select and propose the most suitable solution for each, even the most demanding, customer.


RS Projekt concentrate its activity on providing the highest level of design and professional advisory services.

We are experienced specialists in :

  • Cable stayed bridge design

  • Balanced cantilever bridge design

  • High speed rail bridges

  • Movable scaffolding bridge design

  • Extradosed bridge design

  • Composite bridge design

  • Arch bridge design

  • Incremental launching methods


As a solid partner in business, we take into account the needs of our customers not only by providing high level of service, but additionally we put particular emphasis on seeking for non-trivial as well as the most effective and optimised solutions.



The greatest value and the main objective of RS Projekt business activity is to design and deliver the solutions in accordance with our customers requirements and vision.

  • Preparation of the design and tender documents

  • Analysis and valuation of tender documentation related to preparing offers

  • Coordination and monitoring of design work, including analysis of project progress

  • Post-evaluation analyses on the conformity assessment of the implemented projects in relation to original assumptions

  • Analysis of risks and threats that may affect the cost and duration of contracts

  • Overseeing the implementation of the investment

General overview:

  • Feasibility studies

  • Preliminary design

  • Detail design

  • Construction management

  • Erection methods design

  • Adapting project to contructors requeirements

  • Calculation checks for bridge structure

  • Suitability of construction technology

  • Prestressing  solutions for structural concrete

  • Design and optimization of engineering projects

  • Repair and strengthening of existing structures

  • Design and optimization of shallow and deep foundation


Range of specialisation:

Support in tenders process:

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Bridge design


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